Holiday Clearance Sale!

26 Дек

Looking for a gift with sentiment, affordability and value? You can get this and more when you purchase quality fancy coloured diamonds at the CDT CLEARANCE SALE.

Visit the CDT Store today and find your perfect holiday gifts! We are clearing out our Fancy Coloured Diamond inventory and there is plenty to choose from. For a limited time we are offering a sale on our treated fancy coloured diamonds appraised up to $4000.

Regularly DTP Plus orders include diamonds appraised up to $2200. But with the CDT CLEARANCE SALE you can make a DTP Plus order and choose a fancy coloured diamond appraised for up to $4000! That’s double the value!!!
IDTs, take advantage of our Holiday Inventory Clearance Sale today by:
Making a DTP Plus Order and choosing the fancy coloured diamond you desire appraised up to $4000.
Upgrading to the DTP Plus by paying the remainder of the current balance on your diamond deposit. This way you will receive your beautiful fancy coloured diamond appraised up to $4000 right away.

Advance in the DTP while giving the gift of luxury to someone special this holiday season. Shopping at CDT will put a smile on everyone’s face this holiday!

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